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Music is the Medicine of the Future

Who We Are

We are a small team of artists producing dynamic media and Cure-ating education with life-affirming values, for transformative times. We believe in the power of medicine music infused with prayer and intention. By weaving together high-caliber production of modern urban music and world-fusion with intentional lyricism, we are creating a potent dynamic.


These projects are meant to be offerings for those who are seeking a path beyond the shadows of the mainstream entertainment industry, craftily lit with synthetic light. We recognize the influence of toxic themes that promote fantasy escapism are degrading to the well-being of youth in our community.


We intend to provide an alternative perspective and we believe in the next generation as carrying the gifts and imagination to create solutions to problems we face as humanity. Our music is tied in with our dynamic education model, designed to support the process of awakening to one's gifts, through engaged learning experiences, talking circles with mentorship from our roster of guest artists and workshops of creative expression. Learn more about our educational program called Voices of Wisdom & Modern Mythology here: 


The main project coordinators are Quincy Davis (lead artistic director) and Alexandra Loves (assistant director, project manager and coordinator). Learn more about us and our core team (at the bottom of the page):


Our mission is to bring people together in community and offer an emergent narrative that cuts through the status-quo and breaks the spell of hopelessness.

Knowing that music is the universal language, we look to utilize collaboration for culture-bridging culture and providing a glimpse across cultural and generational barriers, to ultimately support more mutual understanding and collective healing, as one family of human beings.


We are looking to complete production and release 3 albums in the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2022. Each project has 10 tracks. We are seeking $26k to complete the next phase of production. Having this project funded would allow us to focus full time on completing and releasing this important work out to the world, as soon as possible, and do what we are here to do as artists. 


The funds we raise will be matching a large grant we received in 2021 allowing us to purchase top-notch audio and video equipment for producing this art that we will use for youth education and hold four workshops in 2022. 


At the current phase, these 2 projects have been fully conceptualized, developed, and all of the initial production tracks are ready (10 for each project). Overall, we estimate that it is about 60% complete. 


  • Project #1 Fully Loaded Altar: First single released on March 20th, 2022, followed by the remaining project release

  • Project #2: Vida: First single released on July 20th, 2022, followed by the remaining project release


Completion of each project would consist of: finalizing production and recording of each track, mixing, mastering and digital distribution, leading into the promotion phase. Note: our promo plan will continuously being developed, as we better learn what is effective, with each release.


Music production and recording will take place at Seven Vision Studios in SW Portland, Oregon. Video shoots will be split up between the Seven Vision studio space (small to medium sized) studio performances and nearby natural areas of Oregon and/or Northern California. 

Will also rely on animation for visuals and we will utilize our network of artists and collaborators to outsource videographers to shoot visuals and dance sequences in other parts of the world, to be incorporated, without the artists needing to be present. For example, in our video for Cao Xango, we hired a contact in Nigeria to coordinate and film the performance and dance sequence:


Here are 2 unreleased audio examples from each project: 

Also, here are 3 previously released music videos featuring each of the artists, with the songs and videos produced by Seven Vision Studios:


Our initial ask of $21k will support us to complete the production phase of these 2 projects. Here is the budget breakdown:


Recording and completion of production for 2 albums: $14,000 USD

  • Completion of recording: Pro-bono (estimated value = $15k)

  • Any instrumentation / additional musicians: $1k per project = 2k

  • Completion of music and vocal production: $3k per project = 6k

  • Mixing and mastering: $3k per project = 6k


Digital distribution and printing of physical copies: $1,000 USD

  • Digital distribution: $100 per project = $200

  • Duplication, short run CD order: $400 x 2 = $800


Album Artwork: $3,000 USD

  • Creation of album art: $500 x 2 = $1k

  • Promo Photo shoots: $400 x 2 = $800

  • Graphic design pf artwork with cohesive aesthetic for merch and promotional material: $600 x 2 = $1.2k


Merch: $3,000 USD

  • Short-run order of Fully Loaded Altar creation ($30 each x 100 pieces): $3k

  • Tees and beanies: $0 (Use Shopify for on demand)


$21,000 USD Total


Beyond this initial production, the full, year-long project has a budget of $115.2k and includes a youth education element (below). We plan to raise the remaining funds ($94,2k) via grants, crowd funding and other contributions. Our full budget can be seen here.

Feeding Into Youth Education

At least 3 videos from each project release will have their own educational module, including: In-depth artist interviews, behind the scenes educational video, and elder wisdom segment. Here are 3 examples of educational modules we have created for these 3 topics are are in ongoing development:

Here are student testimonials from our first trial-run workshop at Harmony Academy, a high school for youth recovering from substance abuse: 

Each release will feed into our youth education model and will be building up our platform with dynamic, quality content. Ultimately, this model is meant to be a bridge from the youth to elders at a time when ancient wisdom is more important than ever, as we stand at the threshold of global transformation. 

We will offer our artistic vision, in honor of life and continuation, and we ask the next generation: what is your story of the new world?

Thank you for your interest. Please contact us via email or phone if you have any questions.

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