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We are a media-production studio based in Portland, Oregon. Our team of collaborators are team of artists and collaborators are committed to using their artistic craft to provide uplifting messages for humanity, encouraging community-power, at this crucial time in history.

We recognize most of the mainstream entertainment industry too often promotes fear and hysteria on one end and hopelessness and escapism on the other. We ask ourselves -- what is the most effective way to move forward?..


Tell Better Stories.


Our vision is to tell the stories that honor creation and uplift our people, especially the most vulnerable youth in our communities. We flip the script on urban music stereotypes, offering high-caliber production of modern commercial quality combined with street appeal and conscious lyricism, skillfully slicing through the status-quo.


We plant the flag for warrior-medicine music, sending out a call to the global sub-culture of woke audiences hungry for music that resonates with purpose & ready to be a part of a movement.


Knowing that music is the universal language, we look to utilize collaboration for culture-bridging culture and providing a glimpse across cultural and generational barriers, to ultimately support more mutual understanding and collective healing, as one family of human beings.

The music video and documentary work we create is also specially designed to feed into our partner youth educational project called Voices of Wisdom & Modern Mythology.


Seven Vision was established in 2021 by a core group of artists / educators who share a love of ceremony, healing and building community: Quincy Davis, Alexandra Loves, AshEL SeaSunZ and Sommer Moselle AKA Xamada.

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We are open to collaboration, partnerships and alignments. Please get in touch with our project coordinator: