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Image by Domenico Gentile


We intend to deliver emotionally compelling stories with fierce and beautiful visuals to break the spell of hopelessness and open the mind to the possibilities. Our collaborations with powerful artists from around the world provides a bridging of cultures, highlighting our universal thread, to support more mutual understanding and collective healing.



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We intend to inspire the next generation and spark the imagination of the youth visionaries and leaders of tomorrow. Our audio-video material is specially-designed to feed into our education component, Voices of Wisdom, and worth-shops, designed to facilitate a process of supporting youth to realize their potential and use their gifts for creating solutions.

We recognize indigenous Wisdom Keepers and culture-bearers of the world as carriers of important knowledge for humanity. Our youth education component is designed to bridge the elder teachings with the youth, and provide a connection to timeless wisdom for communities that may not otherwise have access, with the potential to awaken the heart.


Young people growing up with screens in front of their face are especially susceptible to losing touch with reality through mental stimulation addiction and being lost in "the matrix" -- this is a man-made construct, programming perceptions of reality of what life is about.

Mainstream entertainment is almost entirely run by 6 media companies, effectively centralizing the news stories and controlling both sides of an argument. They feed narratives into the minds of people on a daily basis, that mainly promote conflict, division, fantasy and escapism, to keep people on a low-vibration.


These are expressions of unresolved grief, with a desire to maintain control, and continue to a dying systems that is already rotted out from the inside, and headed for self-destruction. 

Where attention goes, energy flows. So in order to keep it running, we must give our attention and our energy, like we are the battery in the Matrix. As John Trudell talks about, "mining our minds for the machine,"-- just like there is an external mining process, there is an internal mining process. And by taking in this toxic media, we are left with the toxic waste, that becomes the fears, doubts and insecurities, to forget who we really are.


We recognize that young people and people all over the world are hungry for a new story.

We are committed to tell better stories, with life-affirming values, so that rather than forget, we remember.


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