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Project Page

Welcome to the Project Page for Earth and Spirit Council!  This page is the hub for all things about your project. Please save this webpage for your quick reference. 

Please familiarize yourself with everything on this page as it contains all of our organizational content, agreements, timelines, and a progress reporter. We suggest clicking all of the buttons as you go through the page.

Important Links

Website Version #1

Feedback Form Due On September 25th

We aim to deliver Version 2 before October 11th and have our Website Version 2 meeting the week of October 23rd.

Progress Section

As Of September 4th

The progress section shows milestones of our work.  If ESC members would like to review what is happening within each phase, please refer to the Timeline. 


Phase 1

  • June 2nd: First Payment received.

  • June 3rd: Agreement signed. Work is initiated.

  • June 6th: 'Project Page' Sent to ESC

  • Projected: July 28th, ESC turns in "Client Intake Form" to 7VISION

  • Second Payment Due August 1st (Invoice sent August 1st)

  • Added meeting with Linda , August 17th

  • August 29th: delivery of website Version 1

  • August 29th: Invoice (Reimbursement for Wix Purchase) sent

  • August 31st Payment received

  • September 25th: Version 1 Feedback Due

  • October 6th/7th (Approx.) Version 2 of website is delivered

  • October 23rd- Week of, zoom meeting to review website Version 2

Phase 2

  • We are almost there!


1 / SAVE

SAVE this “Project Page” web address for your quick reference.

2 / READ

READ the “Client Intake Form” 

The “Client Intake Form” can be found on the “Project Page.”

We suggest you read through this form thoroughly, but do not fill it out individually -- Organize your responses as a group, representative of ESC (and fill out / submit on Step Four).


VIEW & WORK THROUGH the “Client Intake Form Guidelines”

This contains more in-depth prompts and guidelines that will help you get clarity and communicate your website vision to us, prior to filling out the “Client Intake Form.”


FILL OUT & SUBMIT the “Client Intake Form” online by July 28th. Fill out this form the best you can. Do not worry about it being perfect.

We accept one “Client Intake Form” per project.


For your convenience, we have provided PDFs of the "Client Intake Form" and "Guidelines" for printing (if you would like to work through on a physical paper before filling out and submitting the online form).

These are the same as the web version. 

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